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    After-sale service

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            If you have any questions about product selection, product price, product delivery and other product-related information, the product consulting function will answer your questions.

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            Are you still looking for detailed product information? Are you still worried about the completeness of the information at hand? We can provide you with the latest and most complete product catalogue, including Jinda electronic products information and selection reference information.

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          You don't have to worry about the mismatch between our components and your products. You can apply for various product samples here, conduct performance tests in advance, and experience the excellent quality of Zinda perfectly.

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           "Listen to the voice of customers, sincere service to customers" is the consistent pursuit of Jinda people. The Customer Service Department of the company is responsible for customer service, accepting all kinds of feedback and suggestions, and supervising the quality of customer service in order to create value for customers and win-win cooperation with customers.

               If you are not satisfied with our products and services, please send your feedback or suggestions and your contact details to Bit Customer Service Mail: salesl@jdllh.com. Within 7 working days of receiving your email, our Customer Service Commissioner will contact you to provide feedback and negotiate solutions.

            Or you can call us directly: Mobile phone: Manager Wu 013905876868, the first time to listen to your voice!

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