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    Omnidirectional Connection Solution
    Diversified connector solutions are available for a wide variety of high-quality, reliable connection applications.
    • Automobile:
    • From standard connector products to customized power supply and signal harness for motor vehicles and in-car entertainment.

    • Computer:
    • It realizes seamless integration among servers, networks and storage devices. It is faster, smaller and more efficient. It is an optimized connection scheme for achieving stronger signal integrity.

    • Home appliances:
    • Various connectors have corresponding interfaces to help you create the products you need, so as to achieve extremely innovative household appliances design.

    • Communication equipment:
    • By integrating radio frequency, optics, copper foil and backplane into a customized solution for your project to minimize space usage, you will be able to develop a faster, smaller and more efficient new generation of telecommunications solutions.

    • Intelligent security:
    • Enrich diversification connection scheme ensures that the building security system operates exactly as designed, without any interruption, and it's safe and reliable for users.

    • Smart home:
    • Provide a variety of reliability, integration and connection solutions for household appliances and equipment, lighting, HVAC, safety, etc.

    • Communication and wireless equipment:
    • At present, the design meets the future speed needs, and the excellent interconnected product mix is greatly improved. The throughput of existing interconnection solutions meets today's design challenges.

    • Data center:
    • Various high-speed backplane connectors allow system designers to respond flexibly to high-performance challenges. The sophisticated solutions not only meet today's big data needs, but also face the future of forward-looking design.

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