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    Cooperation policy

    Since the establishment of Zinda Electronics, its business has made tremendous progress, among which the distribution network all over the world has played an important role. Jinda Electronics always cooperates closely with the partners who have the ability to sell, and provides first-class products and technologies, intimate pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services, flexible and multi-level sales policies to cooperate with you in all aspects of distribution.

    Agency sales

    If you have a relationship, just a manufacturer needs connector electronic products, you are not convenient to come out! If you have stores, access to connectors and other electronic products, increase sideline revenue! If you have a project to do, you need to bid or other products to supplement! If you are... As long as you have ideas, distribute connector electronic products, Zinda Electronics supports you! Be your backup, be your backup, support you, make money together, I will bear the risk! If you are a connector manufacturer, or you are an electronic brand operation, sales enterprise, etc., we can cooperate from OEM / ODM!


    Our Advantages

    • About Enterprises:
    • Since 1988, Zinda Electronics has focused on the R&D, production and sales of strip connectors, FFC flexible flat cables, plate connectors, flat cable connectors and other electronic products.

    • About products:
    • Our products include: strip connector from 0.5mm to 10-8.00mm; FFC flexible flat cable, plate connector from 0.3mm to 2.54mm and FFC LVDS, flexible flat wire; including washing machine series, relay lock connector, 1.8 terminal connector, automotive connector, fuse series connector, microwave oven series connector, hard sheath series, and so on. Self-locking nylon belt series, RJ45 series and other special connectors. Variety is complete, manufacture is excellent, quality is excellent. We have innovative advantages especially in the fineness and space expansion of connectors!

    • About product quality:
    • The factory has passed ISO:2000 international quality system certification. We have a special quality control department to control the quality of raw materials, production process and finished products. And has obtained many global level certification: such as CE, kema, etc.

    • About brand:
    • Brand we have a unified CIS image system planning, from brand image to product image have a unified standard.

    • About after-sales service:
    • We have a modern management structure: production and manufacturing system (production department, quality control department, development department / technology department, engineering department, PMC department, etc.), marketing system (sales department, marketing department, customer service department, etc.), functional department (human resources department, finance department, etc.). Guarantee the smooth operation of the after-sales service system, so that customers worry about after-sales!

    Cooperation and Win-win

    • We sincerely invite your cooperation!
    • Zinda Electronics upholds the principle of openness, cooperation and win-win. We believe that no matter where your company's expertise and size is, we have opportunities to cooperate. Your support and trust are very important to us. Through our cooperation, we can not only enlarge your market share and gain rich profits, but also improve your good business reputation, establish a broad space for development, and develop healthily with us. To this end, we will give you strong support from a wide range of product lines, excellent product performance, perfect channel communication, strong market support and many other aspects. We will pay more attention to customer consumption concept guidance, as well as pre-sale, in-sales, after-sales technical services.

    • Cooperation, win-win!
    • Actions are better than heartbeat. We warmly welcome you to visit Yueqing City, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province or Dongguan Factory, Guangdong Province. Visit our production line to understand how we control the quality of our products, how we can distinguish them from other manufacturers in style and style, where are the advantages and how to maintain them? In this way, you will experience the reality, sincerity and uniqueness of Zinda Electronics.

    • Contact us immediately:
    • Sales Consultant: Manager Wu Contact information:139-0587-6868 E-mail:sales1@jdllh.com

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